In the corporate area, we regularly serve as general counsel to closely held companies, and in certain instances have acted as special counsel on behalf of several public companies.  We routinely represent clients in all manner of business sale and acquisition transactions.  Among other things, such services include the negotiating of purchase or sale terms, the drafting of stock or asset sale and purchase agreements, addressing a wide range of issues such as compliance with environmental laws, employment contracts and arrangements, assets' transfer problems, including those related to the resolution of leases, receivables, inventory and product warranties issues.

We handle all phases of the formation of corporations, limited liability companies, general and limited partnerships, and sole proprietorships. These services include the drafting of buy-sell agreements, contracts for the purchase or sale of a corporation or business, partnership agreements, negotiation of licensing agreements and related matters.  We similarly represent clients in a wide range of legal issues that arise on a daily basis, including contract and other disputes with suppliers or customers, employment and consulting contracts, and management incentive plans.  Because of the many years of broad experience enjoyed by our attorneys, we regularly deal with business issues oftentimes faced by the corporate executive.